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Subtlety with Sonally...what's that? Stamp by VertekinsAgainst Suefication NOT Anti-Sally Stamp by VertekinsAnti Sonally Stamp by SA948-Stamps
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First of all this is just MY opinion I'm completely fine if you don't agree to them but I kindly ask you not be rude and respect my opinion and I will respect yours.

Why do I hate Sonally?: I'm not too fond of how Sally was morphed in the comics I actually think her SatAM counterpart is much better despite her showing up more than once but at least the pairing wasn't shoved in the faces of the fans! It's not because I'm a coo coo Sonamy fan got it!? Good!

Why do I hate Sonelise?: It's NOT because it's "beastiality" understand? "Ooooh! Elise kissed an animal is beastiality" it was JUST a kiss like no one kisses there pets to show you care? I dislike Sonelise due to a cry-baby rabid fanbrat making me lose any chance of liking it I actually thought it was cute but yeah thank you sooo much fanbrat I hope your happy, no hate in the characters BTW I don't hate Elise I'm just neutral to her.

Why do I hate Shadamy?: ..........Well.....I don't think it's that hard to see, I have tried to draw at least one Shadamy but I can't I don't like the pairing cause not only does it not make sense to me but it's cause some fanbrats abuse Sonic in that pairing, so I lost interest in it, I'm not saying all Shadamy fans are like that okay? So no bashing me.

Anti Scouriona Stamp by Skybrea


LOL I hate this and Fiona fox too but that's my opinion please respect it and I'll respect yours, I'm NOT trying to offend you.

I like: :heart::iconsatamsallyplz::heart:

I hate: :iconenterplz::iconsallyacornplz::iconexitplz:

Opinion respecting - stamp by Angi-Shy::Respect:: by mimblewimbleRespect Reasoned Opinions by senshij



salkhan stamp by AllytheWolffy98

Sally x Monkey Khan Stamp by Lady-Anabel-Sagwa:thumb351601402:Salkhan stamp 2 by eeveexriolu

Sally and Khan were a cute couple, but it meant nothing to Sally due to the fact that she claims there is a chance she and Sonic will be together again, what pissed me off with this? The writers made Sally and Khan kiss and made it look like it meant absolutely nothing to Sally, then after Sonic and Khan returned from a mission Sal grabs Khan around the arm and can you guess whom looked shocked and hurt in the background? Sonic! Then Sonic just takes off with Amy just to excuse himself from being hurt like that, now Sally rejects Khan and just NOW she gives a hoot about how Sonic feels? It really looks like she was trying to make Sonic jealous in the first place! I like the couple but I HATE how it just looked like it could revive Sonic and Sally's "lost relationship" that ended after Sally slap Sonic and called him selfish! What was he so selfish for? Protecting the kingdom and trying to help the peace? Or risking his own life for his love ones NOT because he doesn't care about how anyone else felt! So that's my opinion and that is why I dislike Sally Acorn.

SonAmy Stamp by Purple-JacketSmart SonAmy Fan by Vincintblaze:STAMP: Sonamy obession by FKandFriends
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Hating characters due to pairings is stupid by Vertekins
Silver x Blaze Stamp by MiSAVINSilvaze Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16Silvaze-stamp by red-madness
I'm okay with Knuxouge by Chili-DogLoveKnuxouge Stamp by AaliyahSerena



Kendo the Hedgehog
South Korea

:bulletblack:-ABOUT ME-:bulletblack:

Name: Kendo the Hedgehog

Nickname(s): Kenny and Ken

Age: Secret I'm only telling to those close to me

DoB: March 2

Eye color: Dark brown

Fur color: Black

Alignment: :bulletblue: Neutral

I'm a huge fan of Scourge the hedgehog I can't say I'm number one though, I'm a fluff ball with a red neckerchief and I like having fun I'm also a fan of Disney's Frozen and I like other stuffs, I care about my friends but if you dare to mess with em expect no mercy I don't hold back much on my opinions so I'll respect your opinions as long as you respect mine, I'm also a little insane sometimes so watch out.

PS: I keep where I live secret so don't ask me.

Likes: Fun, friends, insane comedy, some gore, creepy things, Scourge, Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Zonic my tubby cop, Amy Rose, Jaycee (my GF), my friends, music, sneaky-ness, drawing, imagination, Disney's movie Frozen, Yaoi, Selfcest.

Dislikes: Liars, bullies, trolls, backstabbers, God-modders, Gary-stu's and Mary-sue's, promise breakers, sadness, friends hurt, yuri, Sally Acorn, Sonally, Shadamy (To a degree), People thinking they can be jerk to others just cause there popular or special.

My besties:



After coming into the Sonic fandom Eli became my best RP buddy, she's awesome as well as everyone of my other pals.

Best Team of pals:



Mah sweet pea that I love >w< :heart:



A best and sweetest pal always has a friends back when needed



This gurl be badass, dun piss her off or you'll regret it, she's awesome!



The ball of fluff you can count on and is one awesome story-teller.

Accounts I'm mostly on:



Sonadow Stamp -redone- by redshadow-onlineSonadow Fan  STAMP by shadowhatesomochao
Fleetourge stamp by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp 2 by eeveexriolu
+Zonadourge Stamp+ by AlphaComicsKnuxadow stamp by SpaceFoxy
Mephonic stamp by eeveexriolu

I'm crazy for yaoi! :iconpervysonicplz:

Welcome to my account! Be nice and respect one another!

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