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My God, there are so many shits I really want to erase on this account like my stupid ass journals! Ughh...But Anyway, for some shit-tastic reason I CAN'T, so I'm gonna be abandoning this account because in all honesty, I've already establish that this will no longer and forever be my main account. I first started off with this account way back I believe 2011 or 2012 or so and I've made some few friend from the beginning when I was just a naive amateur that didn't know any better. I was 14 years old back then and all I wanted to do was draw and make friends, but due to my naivety I didn't really know what I should properly say or do and I've wound up pissing people the fuck off because again my brain was utter poop and I didn't know any better. I had some drama at some point that I got over with a long time ago since I've improved since then and  sounded rather stupid and wish I could take all of it back. But this journal is directed to someone whom called me a bastard back in the past when I was clueless to what I'd done wrong, YOU SIR KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY DANG LIFE!! DO NOT EVER SAY MY LIFE IS AN EXCUSE!! If I ever hurt anyone I deeply and sincerely apologize but just because I'm a dude does NOT MEAN I'm a LIAR! That REALLY pissed me the fuck off, if I hadn't been paying attention here online since I'm busy in real life then I deeply apologize, I really truly do, but I don't plan on taking anymore bullshit now nor ever again. I typed this to get that stupid note I was sent, off my chest because that truly did hurt me deeply and made me upset that I wanted to hurt myself back then, I'm not saying this to cause any sort of drama whatsoever nor bring up the past, I'm merely stating how I had felt back then receiving that note and I don't plan on giving details about it anymore nor want to mention the events back then ever again. Back then I had no idea what I would have done, then I started socializing with different people and started getting better and better and more confident, I sadly though abandoned some of my old fandoms such as DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh, switching to another fandom, I may return to DBZ fandom at some point but I'm debatable on that since I've grown to love more the TMNT fandom and a bit of the Sonic Fandom. 

Also, I want to make a shout out to my friends from the past whom have roleplayed with me before, I felt rather bad I never spoke to them for ages anymore and I've mostly forgotten the names of there accounts, I apologize to you guys I never really sounded like I cared in anyway and just got up and left you guys. I really wish I said to you guys back then how I appreciated you guys to have been friends of mine way back and tolerated some of the embarrassing roleplays I've done -///- I was an amateur back then so I apologize if they were strange and weird and such. But if you guys are out there and reading this I want you to know I do appreciate cha and I'm sorry I left you guys and had hurt you in any sort of way, thanks so much for the memories and I hope you all don't hate me for no longer speaking to you guys, I'm deeply sorry. I was rather naive back then and again I didn't know any better and sounded like a whiner, but hey, everyone gets like that at some point when there 14 or so, but I apologize though if I had been rude and never considered what you guys wanted to do in your RP nor never listen to what you guys wanted me to do in the roleplay, it's been so long so I barely remember but I do know I've done some pretty embarrassing things I wish I could take back and for that I'm sorry.

Now then, time to end this last journal on this account, thanks for the many memories, now it's high time I make new ones, but I won't ever forget the old ones that had brought me joy and helped me learn along the way, thank you.

~Sincerely, Kendo.

New account. :iconxever-blue-zonecopx:
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  • Listening to: Insanity by Vocaloid
  • Playing: Sonic rivals 2
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Water

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